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The chakra sampler set includes mini versions (1 mL) of our chakra essential oil rollers "elixirs". Essential oils and crystal pairings for each blend are intentional and energetically synergistic with each chakra.

I am divine - crown chakra blend: Helps with connecting to divine knowledge on your spiritual path and promotes feelings of relaxation and restful sleep.

  • Lavender essential oil for peace, calming, relaxation, and healing energy
  • Chamomile essential oil for calming, healing, cheer, uplifting, and cleansing energy
  • Vanilla bean essential oil for calming, soothing, good luck, self love, and personal empowerment.
  • Amethyst crystal chips are associated with spiritual protection, healing emotions, releasing stress, and promoting restful sleep.

I am intuitive - third eye chakra blend: This chakra is associated with intellect, intuitive wisdom, and clairvoyance. 

  • Rosemary essential oil for focus, clarity, stimulating memory, awakening, cleansing, and psychic protection
  • Frankincense essential oil for divination, grounding energy, healing, and purification (deep cleansing of stagnant energy)
  • Clary Sage essential oil for clarity, balance, focus, intuition, divination, and visions
  • Lapis Lazuli crystal chips are associated with communication, intuition, personal power, and emotional balance

I am expressive - throat chakra blend:  This chakra helps with communication, such as expressing yourself clearly and with the confidence to speak your truth. It also rules over your ability to listen to others wholeheartedly and without judgement.

  • Eucalyptus essential oil for cleansing, clearing, healing, flowing, and harmonizing energy
  • Lemon essential oil for cleansing, clarity, uplifting, abundance, protection, and purification (deep cleansing of stagnant energy)
  • Spearmint essential oil for healing, purification, prosperity, abundance
  • Turquoise crystal chips are associated with good health, balancing emotions, keeps you grounded to prevent you from overreacting in tense situations. 

I am loved - heart chakra blend: The link between the higher chakras (crown, third eye, and throat) with the lower chakras (solar plexus, sacral, and root). The HEART of where emotions such as love, trust, passion, forgiveness, and compassion are connected.

  • Geranium essential oil for love, friendship, peace, protection, harmony, fertility, and hex-breaking.
  • Ylang ylang essential oil for love, lust, joy, peace, calming, and creative energy.
  • Rose Quartz crystal chips for nurturing, healing emotional trauma, easing anxiety, mending a broken heart, and instilling self love.

I am confident - solar plexus blend: This chakra is associated with to self-esteem, self-control, self-confidence, productivity, and digestive health.

  • Lemongrass essential oil for energizing, happiness, cleansing, purification
  • Frankincense essential oil for divination, grounding energy, healing, and purification (deep cleansing of stagnant energy)
  • Peppermint essential oil for clearing, cleansing, focus, clarity, motivation, and energy boosting.
  • Citrine crystal chips are associated with abundance, joy, strength, releasing negative energy.

I am creative - sacral chakra blend: This chakra known as the seat of creative energy in the body such as fertility, happiness, sexuality, compassion, and connection.

  • Bergamot essential oil for love, protection, intuition, and passion.
  • Grapefruit essential oil for balancing emotions, cleansing the aura, and stimulating intelligence and creativity.
  • Tangerine essential oil for abundance, joy, love, fertility, happiness, and uplifting energy.
  • Carnelian crystal chips is associated with igniting creative powers, connects the sacral to the solar plexus chakra to reclaim your personal power through purpose and passion, and stimulates motivation to complete tasks.

I am grounded - root chakra blend: This chakra is how you establish your physical connection to the world. When it is balanced you will feel grounded and secure in your sense of self.

  • Patchouli essential oil for grounding, prosperity, passion, divination, and spiritual practice
  • Siberian Fir essential oil for mental clarity, focus, serenity
  • Cypress essential oil for healing, protection, grounding, and releasing energy.
  • Black Obsidian crystal chips for protection, grounding, and clearing energy. This crystal is useful for releasing emotional blockages and providing support through times of change.