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Listing for one 10 mL essential oil roller.

The heart chakra is an energy center that links the higher chakras (crown, third eye, and throat) with the lower chakras (solar plexus, sacral, and root). This is the heart of where emotions such as love, trust, passion, forgiveness, and compassion are connected. This chakra is activated by the colour green and balanced with the colour pink. It is associated with the element air associated with touch.

"I am loved" is a 10 mL aromatherapy blend inspired for you to remind yourself that you are loved and that you are worthy of giving and receiving love, especially unconditional divine love. This roller is a thoughtful combination of the following ingredients which are carried in fractionated coconut oil

  • Geranium essential oil for love, friendship, peace, protection, harmony, fertility, and hex-breaking.
  • Ylang ylang essential oil for love, lust, joy, peace, calming, and creative energy.
  • Rose Quartz crystal chips for nurturing, healing emotional trauma, easing anxiety, mending a broken heart, and instilling self love.
  • Rose petals for love, life, and regeneration.

I love myself unconditionally
Love is the guiding force in my life
My heart is in alignment with the powerful energetic vibration of love

Use this oil for when you need some extra self loving energy.