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Listing for one 10 mL essential oil roller.

The throat chakra is an energy center linked to communication, such as expressing yourself clearly and with the confidence to speak your truth. It also rules over your ability to listen to others wholeheartedly and without judgement. This chakra is associated with the colour blue and the element ether (or source).

"I am expressive" is a 10 mL aromatherapy blend is inspired for you to express yourself in a cool and collected manner. This roller is a thoughtful combination of the following ingredients which are carried in fractionated coconut oil

  • Eucalyptus essential oil for cleansing, clearing, healing, flowing, and harmonizing energy
  • Lemon essential oil for cleansing, clarity, uplifting, abundance, protection, and purification (deep cleansing of stagnant energy)
  • Spearmint essential oil for healing, purification, prosperity, abundance
  • Turquoise crystal chips are associated with good health, balancing emotions, keeps you grounded to prevent you from overreacting in tense situations. 

I speak with authenticity, grace, and courage
I express creativity with ease and joy
I am safe to trust myself and others
My inner knowing is a guide for my voice

Use this oil for owning your truth and expressing yourself with love and kindness.