Floral maiden, Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone is both the maiden and the queen archetypes. She symbolizes youth, new beginnings, hope, innocence, fertility, and rebirth (spring). Yet she also embodies the dark feminine archetypes of death, transformation, and the wisdom of the crone (Demeter). Persephone is the epitome of inner child healing through conquering and reigning over our inner demons (shadow self) by doing the shadow work.

Persephone's main symbol is the pomegranate. Her correspondences are deep red gemstones such as garnet, ruby, strawberry quartz. Stone associated with courage, creativity, stability, and strength too. 

Here you will find a collection of Strawberry Quartz, Sunstone, Unakite, Lepidolite, Leopardskin Jasper, Rhodonite and Brecciated Jasper. In my practice, these gemstones have helped me honor her and are connected to the maiden and/or queen archetypes.