A collection of creations that are energetically synergistic with the wild woman archetype.

Lilith’s feminine traits of autonomy, rebellion, freedom, survival, and instinctual nature are demonized within the patriarchy as she cannot be controlled or manipulated into confining to social norms. She is the fierce feminist who is awake, aligned, and liberated both sexually and spiritually to do as she pleases without relying on external validation or a male counterpart to exist as her untamed, unapologetic, authentic self.

In astrology, Black Moon Lilith, also known as the dark moon, is a point along the moon’s orbit that is farthest from the Earth. Similar to the wild woman archetype, this point represents traits of being outcasted and feeling exposed when standing up for yourself. Yet Black Moon Lilith shows us where strength, passion, creativity, and your deepest desires lie in the area of your birth chart in which this point resides.

Using crystals and jewellery to embody this dark feminine energy is a way to incorporate the wild woman archetype into your everyday life. Gemstones in this collection include black kyanite, hematite, spiderweb jasper, red jasper, lava stone, tourmalinated quartz, and a diversity of obsidians (black, mahogany, snowflake). In general, these stones are great tools to assist on your journey to go within. If this resonates with you, then items in this wild woman collection can empower you with:

  • releasing, transforming, and liberating yourself from old wounds and disempowering inner narratives (experiencing a form of ego-death)
  • meeting and working with your shadow self
  • assisting you through the hard work of releasing the patriarchal chains/restrictions holding you back from your potential
  • reclaiming your power and sexual freedom
  • connecting to and trusting in your inner authority and wisdom in order to realign you with your craft and life purpose
  • grounding and protection against negative energy