Valentine's Day Self-Love Spell Candle DIY & Ritual

Self-Love Spell Candle

- 1 Pink Chime Candle symbolizing love, friendship, and affection
- Sage to cleanse all items before use
- Anointing oil (used a prosperity oil blend of orange, myrrh, & frankincense)
- Journal or piece of paper and pen for writing intentions
Essential Oils:

Clary Sage – optimism, happiness, relaxation, anti-anxiety, & confidence
Lemon – happiness, joy, clarity & purification
Frankincense – clarity & purification
Ylang Ylang – self love, relaxation, serenity
Hibiscus & Rose petals to connect with loving feminine energy
Bath salts in candle holder base to drawn out stagnant energy
Rhodonite – emotional healing, forgiveness, confidence, self love
Rose Quartz – healing, love, kindness, relationships
Prehnite – truth, calmness, sensitivity
Clear Quartz – manifestation, clarity, healing

A Note on Candle Magic:

Dressing a candle refers to preparing it for a specific purpose. In this case, I am dressing the pink candle with an anointing oil, essential oils, and herbs that align with self love.

Colour is a form of energy characterized by individual vibrations. By choosing the colour pink I am amplifying my intent with its associations.
*Note: chime candles burn for 1.5 – 2 hours so practice fire safety and do not leave it unattended. You can always blow it out and relight it with the same intent later.

The element of fire is known for transformation and passion. This ritual is designed to integrate themes of self-care, love, passion, and transformation into your best self. You deserve it.

Self Love Ritual

  1. Begin by cleansing your space and altar with your choice of energy cleansing method. I used sage to smoke cleanse as its my personal preference.
  2. Set your intention with the candle – program it with self love energy.
  3. Use an anointing oil to seal intent.
    1. Note: I envision myself as the wick. The way the oil is applied to the candle will depend on your intention. If you are looking to draw energy in, pull the oil towards the wick (you). If you are looking to release or banish energy, pull the oil away from the wick.
    2. Repeat this with essential oils too.
  4. After you have added oils, sprinkle your candle with herbs that have the magical attributes that you want. The smaller the particle size, the better for fire safety and for your herbs to stick.
  5. Next add your designated crystals around your candle, whether it’s on your candle holder or lay them around it for extra magical and healing benefits.
  6. Once you have added all the self love ingredients your candle is dressed and ready to be placed into the candle holder.
  7. Center and ground yourself to focus your intention and protect your energy. This can be a time to write your intentions on a piece of paper. If you are calling on your guides or a deity make sure to use this time to call out to them.
    1. What is it that you want from this experience? Magic is all about energy, focus, and intention. If you are distracted the spell won’t be as energetically potent.
  8. Light the candle and mediate on your desired outcome, focusing on the flame. Here are some outcomes of flames:
    1. If the flame is a tall, strong, steady flame there is a lot of energy behind it. This means that it can be manifested rather quickly for you.
    2. A shorter flame is a message that it may take a longer time to manifest. Anticipate that you will need to be patient.
    3. Dancing flame usually means there is high energy behind the spell, obstacles and unexpected results can occur.
    4. A flickering flame could indicate that outside energy is here to guide you and your spell. However, a popping or crackling flame “sparks” means that something (usually your guides) is trying to communicate to you. But don’t panic because you centered, grounded, and casted protection.
    5. If a candle won’t stay lit or if your candle breaks consider that now may not be the time for that spell.
  9. Once your candle is done burning (1.5-2 hours later) you may choose to discard of the wax, herbs, salt. You can discard them in the garbage, store them in a jar, or bury them in the ground giving the energy back to mother earth. Since this isn't a banishing ritual, it should be fine to keep the leftover ingredients from your spell. If it was a banishing spell (energetic cord cutting for example, I would highly suggest to clean your space and discard of used spell ingredients immediately).
  10. Say thank you to your guides and/or deity and close your circle.
  11. Center and ground. You can mediate on how you're feeling.
  12. Congrats on completing your spell. Be proud that you accomplished something truly magical and of your own creation!