Rings. A ring is a circle. Circles are symbolic of eternity, unity, reincarnation, cycles, continuity, and the universe. Rings are magical objects of protection and are worn as a physical guard with the intention to ward off negativity.
It is thought that by wearing a ring, it induces a symbolic “binding effect” that inhibits the release of your energy and power and instead binds or maintains them in the body.

Similarly, Bracelets are circular jewelry and possess the same symbolism as seen with Rings. Bracelets made of stones can increase your energy because you are intentionally binding yourself with their powers. In addition, Wiccans, people who identify with Western esoteric spirituality, are known to wear jewelry made of stones to represent reincarnation and to form a spiritual connection with the Goddess.

Further, there is more magical symbolism regarding gemstone bracelets especially pertaining to which wrist you choose to wear yours on. In Taoism or Hatha Yoga, the left side of your body symbolizes Yin energy. This is the feminine and receptive side of the body that corresponds to attracting and receiving energy. Whereas, the right side of your body symbolizes Yang energy, the masculine and projective side that is associated with activating and manifesting energy. Depending on the gemstones magical properties, you may choose to wear your bracelet on the side you feel is more beneficial to you. Hence, wearing your intentions and uniting the desired power or vibrational energy within your body.

Necklaces are larger rings and worn near the heart chakra. Necklaces made of stones can be binding tools used with the intention to work on the emotions, or to attract or strengthen love and relationships. Additionally, choosing stones that correspond to the heart chakra, such as green and pink stones, can have added benefits. Choose pink stones for cultivating a nurturing mother archetype energy and green stones for protection and father archetype energy. This is also the chakra where you can work with deep rooted emotional energy.

Lastly, jewelry charms can also have added magical symbolism and vibrational energetic intentions. The hamsa hand is worn to bring good fortune, happiness, and health. A turtle can symbolize endurance, protection, patience, strength, and longevity. The Tree of Life embodies family ties and strength, forming a connection between heaven and earth. Sea shells are associated with feminine energy such as birth, depth as in the ocean, strength and protection for which the exoskeletons of ocean animals are made from, and so on.