Full Moon in Leo Feb 16th, 2022

Full Moon in Leo on Feb 16th occurring at 27 degrees 59’ (12:10 pm)
Zodiac Signature: Leo, the Lion, a heart of gold
Elemental Influence: Fire (passion, transformation, ignition)
Chakra Association: Solar plexus for self-empowerment

This lunation in the fixed zodiac sign of Leo that is confident, creative, a natural born leader, and is someone who seeks wholeness. If you have heavy fixed placements in your natal chart (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) then this Full Moon’s energy seeks to redirect you towards your greater purpose.

Interestingly enough, Leo being ruled by the Sun, is opposite of the transiting Sun in Aquarius. This can give rise energetically to conflict as the emotions and feelings associated with the Leo Moon (27 degrees 59’) are opposite of the ego and individuality of the Aquarius Sun (27 degrees 59’).

This full moon is hitting both of the lunar nodes of the Moon with a square aspect (90 degrees apart). Lunar nodes work as a pair of opposite astrology mathematical points that move together in the same degree. These points can interact with planets and bring their own lessons based on the interaction aspect and energetic influence. Square aspects in astrology create tension and the trick is to find balance. In this case, the nodes dictate the energy of this relationship to the Full Moon!

  • The north node representing the souls journey and direction in this lifetime, what your soul is striving for, and is also known as the shortcut to enlightenment. This node is in Taurus (27 degrees 03’).
    • Taurus’ bull-like energy brings conflict between keeping everything in check on the one hand and wanting to leave everything outdated and unnecessary behind on the other. Taurus energy wants you to work smarter, not harder and attain the earthly, physical (financial) prosperity that you desire.
  • The south node representing past lives, where your soul has come from, and your innate comfort zone. This node is in Scorpio (27 degrees 03’).
    • Scorpio is a watery sign that is intune with emotions, and naturally flows with the universe as its associated with death and rebirth. In short, its the zodiac of transformation. It’s approach is to look within yourself, listen to your heart, and trust that your intuition will guide you towards what you desire most.

Putting this information together, the Full Moon highlights both of these lunar nodes with a tense (square/conflicting) energy which can imply that there’s underlying issues from these Fixed zodiac signs past that need to be dealt with courageously. This energy could be from a situation that occurred in the past in your current lifetime or event in from one of your past lives. Whatever the circumstances, even though this lunation is energetically intense, full moons are known to be a time to release energy. This specific Leo lunation presents you with an opportunity to release what no longer serves your greater good and realign you on the path you’re destined for!

Pyrite is a crystal that is associated with Leo energy. It offers protection, stimulates intellect and memory, promotes self-confidence, and gives the strength and determination needed to take on challenging tasks and to make thoughtful decisions. It’s associated with the heart, root, and solar plexus chakras.

The Wild Unknown Tarot: Strength Tarot Card meaning This card represents the “Mastery of Emotions”.

Usually with the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) Tarot deck, Strength is depicted as the roaring, devouring side of the lion but this deck implies that there is a much deeper force that’s found within.

According to the Wild Unknown “The lion is a symbol of our most patient and composed self. He’s a master of focus, compassion, and self-control. When this card comes up, you’re in need of harnessing this power for yourself. All the courage you need can be found within your heart.” 

Therefore, this Full Moon in Leo is here for self-empowerment (solar plexus chakra) through emotional mastery (heart chakra). By finding strength within yourself to let go of past energy, you are courageously transforming these stagnant situations and will be guided on the path towards your higher purpose.

Leo Full Moon Affirmation: “I let go of all that is not in alignment with my purpose”