ASTROLOGICAL DATES: January 20 through February 18
Aquarius season occurs in the heart of winter following the winter solstice after which the Sun is rebirthed. The days get longer, we are visualizing the end of winter and looking forward to the future (Aquarius archetype).

SYMBOL: The Water Bearer. Usually depicted as a woman pouring life-giving water on humanity. This zodiac sign is the symbol of humanitarian. Friendship is Aquarius’ key strength, an Aquarius without friends is like an Aquarius without water. Connection to the collective, tribes, group consciousness.

: Imbolc (February 1st) a Celtic celebration honouring the Goddess Brigid. Also known as Candlemas, the Christian version of Imbolc. Brigid’s sacred day where the village of Kildare pay homage to Saint Brigid. By February 2nd, the increasing sunlight has begun to warm the earth and heralds the return of waxing light. Illumination and optimism accompany the longer days ahead.

: Saturn (Traditional), Uranus (Modern)
SATURN: the ringed planet of boundaries, restrictions, and limitations, symbolizing discipline, clear-cut definitions, and traditions.
: the futuristic planet of freedom and rebellion, symbolizing independence. Referred to as “The Great Awakener” which tends to disrupt the status quo, questions assumptions, which then leads to paradigm shifts. This is why Aquarians get the archetypes of the revolutionary and the rebel.

: Fixed air sign.

Zodiac sign qualities (also known as modalities or triplicities) are represented by the different stages in the year’s seasonal cycle. Cardinal signs start a season. Fixed signs embody each season fully. Mutable signs conclude each season and help to transition us into the next one.

For the zodiac sign Aquarius specifically, this fixed sign occurs in the heart of the winter season.

Since Aquarius is a fixed zodiac signs it resonates with being the powerhouse that has the endurance to take ideas and make them reach completion. Fixed signs energetically possess the stamina to see things through, often because they are so focused that they can achieve anything which can make them stubborn. Other fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

There’s also an elemental association with the twelve zodiac signs. They are divided into fire, earth, air, and water and are called triplicities. Aquarius being an air sign resonates with the elemental characteristics that describe air personality traits.

Aquarians are known to be great communicators, rational and logical thinkers, the true intellectuals. They are people-oriented hence the humanitarian symbol and need for friendship and networking. Other personality traits are friendly, independent, rebellious, inventive, intellectual, individualistic, future-oriented, honest, and unconventional.

Major strengths: loyal, investitive, independent, determined
Major challenges: detached, high-strung, rebellious, stubborn

Common things ruled by Aquarius: astrology, technology, electricity, friendship, clubs, organizations, and networking.

: Eleventh house of Friendship.

: The Star

A maiden is pouring water from two vessels, one onto the earth and one onto the pool symbolizing that she is healing her past and present. This maiden is the embodiment of the “Water Bearer” and is shown as being at one with nature, an earth goddess, whose nakedness under the stars symbolizes purity, truth, and connectedness with the cosmos and divine. Her nakedness could also be attributed to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite or Egyptian deity Isis, both maiden symbols of eternal beauty, youth, and the creative soul.

The 8 stars above her head reveals hope and divine guidance. Water in this card represents insight, consciousness, and healing but it’s The Star’s association with airy Aquarius demonstrates thought and idealism. These themes suggest the social conscience of Aquarian nature. This card is also associated with good health and astrology.

Wisdom Message: Be inspired – Dreams come true.


  • BRIGID – Triple Celtic Goddess. Her three aspects are connected to healing, poetry, and smithcraft. Associated with midwifery, medicine, the hearth fire, and divination. She is also associated with transformation; forging metals through the elements of fire and water to yield something new.
  • LILITH – Dark Goddess symbolizing feminine rebellion against the patriarchy. She rejects the oppressive rules imposed on her in biblical incarnation as Adam’s first wife. She was painted as the original sinner, disobedient, disrespectful, and wild as she refused to bow down to a man.
    Lilith symbolizes our journey from the known into the unknown. She is the feminine embodiment of standing up for our bodies, our rights, our freedom, and the willingness to carve out our own path.

COLOURS: Electric Blue and Violet

CRYSTALS -- AMETHYST is this signs birthstone.
Other Aquarian crystals: Astrophyllite, Cavansite, Celestite, Kunzite, Petalite, Phenakite, Sugilite.


  • BENZOIN (Styrax benzoin)
    • Powers & Uses: Purification & prosperity.
    • Energy: Yang/Masculine
    • Planetary Ruler: The Sun
    • Elemental Influence: Air
  • CYPRESS (Cupressus sempervirens)
    • Powers & Uses: Protection, longevity, healing, comfort; eases the mind and relieves grief.
    • Energy: Yin/Feminine
    • Planetary Ruler: Saturn
    • Elemental Influence: Earth
    • Deities: Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Cupid
  • LAVENDER (Lavandula angustifolia)
    • Powers & Uses: Add flowers to love spells, protection from the evil eye, in a purification bath, and for restful sleep.
    • Energy: Yang/Masculine
    • Planetary Ruler: Mercury
    • Elemental Influence: Air
  • PEPPERMINT (Mentha piperita)
    • Powers & Uses: Purification, sleep, love healing, & psychic powers. The leaves rubbed together can relieve headaches. Its energetic presence raises vibrations of the area. Placed beneath a pillow will help sleep and offer glimpses into the future in dreams. Is excellent for money and prosperity spells, carry the leaves in your wallet.
    • Energy: Yang/Masculine
    • Planetary Ruler: Mercury
    • Elemental Influence: Fire
    • Deity: Pluto (Roman)/Hades (Greek) – Gods of the Underworld

PARTS OF THE BODY: Circulatory system, ankles, shins, calves

: “I change” and “I know” statements

: Unconventional