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Set includes 2 gemstone bracelets and a mini essential oil roller
Gemstone bracelets - wrist size: 7 inches
-Sunstone: strength, optimism, empowerment

-Strawberry Quartz: nurturing, love, gratitude

Persephone mini roller
- Patchouli essential oil - a grounding scent used to connect with the earth element
- Ylang Ylang essential oil - a floral scent associated with self love, creativity, peace, and calming energy
- Black Pepper essential oil - a stimulating scent associated with protection, strength, courage, and banishing negative energy

Persephone is the Greek Goddess of the Underworld and her myth is associated with the autumn equinox. She symbolizes the changing of the seasons and flowing with the natural cycles of life (death and rebirth/renewal).

I honor the cycles that flow in my life. 
I'm open to transformation.
With every closed chapter comes the rebirth of something new.
I embrace my darkness and my light.