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5mL Mini "Demeter" Pumpkin Spice Goddess blend is our version of "pumpkin spice" and includes the following ingredients:

- Clove essential oil - a sweet & spicy scent associated with energy protection, mental clarity, and cleanses the throat chakra
- Nutmeg essential oil - a spicy, woodsy scent that is excellent for grounding energy (root chakra)
- Cassia essential oil - a sweet cinnamon-like aroma that's comforting and cozy. Cassia is associated with abundance, luck, prosperity, and personal power (solar plexus)
- Goldstone crystal chips - stone of ambition, joy, abundance, courage, and is helpful for calming and stabilizing energy
- Infused with reiki healing energy. Great for the throat and lower chakras

Demeter is the Greek Goddess of agriculture, fertility, and harvest. She is associated with the pumpkin and cornucopia which are symbolic of abundance and nourishment.